29.04.13The end

Right, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm very sorry and with deep regret I have to say the Crusaders - after 13 years, four great records (i.m.h.opinion), one single and many concerts - call it a day. There are many reasons for it but in the end it was a very personal decision. It was a great time, we met so many top people and I'm very proud of our work. So I'd like to take the chance to thank all the lads who played in the band - especially Timo, wo started the band with me and accompanied me all the years and the best line up we had with Thilo and Hubi. Also thanks to Sandro, Flori, Zimmi and André who supported us during the last years. My respect also goes to all the fans, promoters, fanzines and labels who made us go on and had the guts to let us play - among them the guys from Brno, Torti or Toni. No thanks whatsoever to the bands, promoters, fanzines, labels and other people who slagged us down, ignored us, abused our trust or were too cowardly to let us play with cheap excuses but had no problems letting other bands on stage as long as they bring enough money.

so again, thank you, if you don't know all our records - check them out, they are worth listening to, all the best and we'll see each other

Cheers, Thorsten

02.03.12"Throwing down the gauntlet" also on CD now

After you only could get our new Album on LP it is now available on CD, which also consists two new recorded bonus tracks of our split with Vortex. Order it at Randale Records or buy it on our Record Release Party in Dresden on friday.

10.02.12Next stop: Dresden

Our next gig is coming up in our beautiful hometown Dresden. Together with Bombecks we will play at KÖ97 the 09th of March.

05.01.12First gig 2012 in Leipzig

2012 starts early for us with a gig in Leipzig. It will take place the 21st of January in "E35" together with 7er Jungs and Martens Army. Just pop by if you are around!

05.01.12"Throwing down the gauntlet" OUT NOW !

After two years of waiting, anger and frustration - finally we present our fourth album "Throwing Down The Gauntlet". The vinyl version hast just arrived at Randale Records and the CD should follow as soon as possible. Don't you fucking miss it because it's great, honest and rocking Oi!

To taste the sound of our new release just check "Rebellion Commercialised" and "Man Enough" in our music-section.

10.11.11First gig after two years

We are happy to play our first gig after two years of waiting. It will take place in Ohrdruf near Erfurt the 3rd of December. The Location is called "Plan B". We are looking forward to it...

Furthermore our new CD is now in the pressing. So there seems to be a light in the end of the tunnel!

17.09.11Ready to get on stage again

Allright, the last rehearsal was great and finally we are ready to get on stage again. If you like to see or book us, please get in touch via facebook, myspace or e-mail and we'll come to your town. Cheers!

15.09.11New album

Watch out for our new album called "Throwing down the gauntlet" coming out in a few weeks. It will contain 14 brand new Oi-hits plus 2 more bonustracks, which were part on our split with Vortex. Hope you will enjoy it!